Taoufiq's Blog

About Me

My name is Taoufiq, I’m a Software Engineer, UI & Javascript developer located in Morocco. I created the blog to share my knowledge about Salesforce Marketing Cloud by writing blogs about tricks and useful features SFMC provides and sharing some reusable code snippets that can be used in each instance.

About The Blog

This blog will focus mainly on technical aspects of Marketing Cloud. SSJS & Ampscripts hacks, Javascript to use in Marketing Cloud. Also you'll find some great tricks about Interaction Studio in here.

My Skills and Experiences

  • I have had the chance to work as UI & Frontend Developer, and also an email Developer, that's what helped me at the begging to start a Salesforce Marketing Career.
  • I worked as a support consultant for many Pardot projects, as well as doing the implementation from Scratch for one of my company's clients.
  • I worked as en Email Developer for Luxury Brands and helped in setting up campaigns for them.
  • I helped in understanding business needs and create whole process from beggining to end, from receinging customers in SFMC to sending them communications and tracking their interactions whether it is an EMAIL, LINE, WECHAT or SMS interaction.
  • Have put my hands on interactions studio, connecting websites to the tool and managing the Site Mapping.


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